Cash of kingdoms

Cash of Kings is a game in which players take on the roll of a king or queen and try to roll their reels for as many symbols as possible. The object is to collect more symbols than anyone else in the room, and to do so while avoiding getting napped by other players, who try to steal symbols from the pot. The way to win is to get the most symbols into the pot, and to do so while staying the least bit safe from being attacked by other players, who may wish to take your symbols to use against you.

The cash of kings interface is quite different from that of the classic blackjack game, in that you are not generally required to carry any actual money with you. Instead, all you have is the initial deposit, which you can use to purchase certain symbols and special cards. These symbols can then be used in the various cash games that you can find, where you can use them to make it easier to win, or to get more symbols into the pot. The idea is to get as many pots full as possible, in order to claim the large prize that is handed out in the end.

The cash of kingdoms logo, which is displayed on your screen during game play, is a gold fleur-de-lis that resembles a medieval crown. You can also use the wild symbol scatter, which has seven stars representing the seven natural elements. All of the icons are color coded to help you remember which symbol goes with what card. As symbols are randomly chosen, it is important to keep track of which symbol you are holding at all times. It helps to group similar symbols together. This helps to reduce the possibility of trying to claim the same symbol twice, if you happen to change your mind between the two.

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