Sweet alchemy

Sweet Alchemy is a new online virtual slot game developed by Play’n GO, it s actually one of their signature software product s and it also one of their highest selling slots. The virtual slot does not have paylines, instead players form wining clusters and thus forms bets that are subsequently totaled. The RTP of Sweet Alchemy however is 96.5% pure winning and there are a few bonus rounds that typically further increase your winning. This means that you can easily cash in sweet alchemical cash, however it takes a bit of strategy to get the most out of your play.

One of sweet alchemy s secrets lies in using the sugar rush meter, it will pop up when you are making a combination and help you gauge just how good your combination is. The more times the meter is popped the more valuable the combination is. One of the great things about this meter is that it will allow you to mix sweets to create unique content, such as powerups. This means that you can create your own sweet combinations and challenge yourself on the number of combinations you can come up with, each combo you make with the sugar rush meter gets you one point, therefore maxing out your score. This can become very helpful in the later levels as the game gets harder, you may find that by combining your content efficiently you can gain an unfair advantage.

In conclusion, I enjoyed Sweet Alchemy s video slot game, it has a sweet theme and a nice graphics. It has some nice game play concepts that make it different from other slot games, however overall it fell flat for me. It had some nice sound effects and nice visuals but overall I felt that the concept of this slot machine was not very unique or imaginative. That being said, my opinion of this game is that it is not worth your time. I did like the idea of trying to create my own sweet combinations, but overall I would rate it as a 8/10 for being fun. If you enjoy simple slot machine games that have nice graphics, then I would recommend this game, but for those looking for a unique twist on a slot machine game with a creative theme, then this game is not for you.

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