The green knight

In this historical novel, King Arthur’s nephew goes on a dangerous quest to meet the mysterious giant, the Green Knight. The adventure tests his courage, and he must prove himself to his family and court. But what is the real purpose of this quest? This epic tale will appeal to fantasy readers of all ages. But it is also a fantastical fantasy. If you like to read about mythological creatures and stories, you’ll enjoy this novel.

The Green Knight slot features nine symbols, of which 5 are low paying and four are high-paying. However, the high-paying symbols include the lady, axe, and horse. The axe, lady, and horse are all standard symbols. They all represent different payouts and you can win up to 2500 coins by matching five of them. Fortunately, the Green, or “Sky,” icon is the highest paying.

This game is designed to be played on mobile devices. Its size is optimised for small screens, so you can easily play the game. The green knight can increase your payouts to up to 100x, and he can also trigger free spins and a shield feature. If you play TheGreenKnight on your mobile, you’ll enjoy its sound and visuals. You can play the slot on your mobile phone or tablet.

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